Eric Bischoff comments on AEW vs. WWE and Tony Khan issues a response

An article was published on that covered the competition between WWE and AEW. Eric Bischoff was interviewed for the piece and said the following about AEW taking shots at WWE…

“If they [AEW] don’t have the balls to go head-to-head, then shut up and wrestle. There is no tactical advantage in completely degrading your competition when it’s clear to your audience that you don’t have the guts to do anything about it. You’re fighting a fight that you are not willing to get in. It’s childish to me.”

AEW Tony Khan provided a response to what Bischoff said…

“I don’t care what night the shows are on. It’s really irresponsible for (Bischoff) to say that because I don’t pick what night the show is on. These are time slots that I was assigned.”

Can Tony Khan’s AEW beat Vince McMahon and WWE at its own game?

Tony Schiavone was WCW’s lead commentator during the “Monday Night Wars” and finds himself in the thick of things once again with AEW. He says the incredible rate at which his current employer is signing wrestlers cast away by WWE has made watching the show a must for fear of missing out on another shocking debut.