Eddie Kingston publicly addresses his suspension and fires back at a former WCW wrestler

As previously noted, Eddie Kingston reportedly confronted Sammy Guevara on August 10th 2022 in Minneapolis (AEW’s Quake by the Lake Dynamite/Rampage event) and there was a verbal dispute that led to Kingston being suspended for two weeks.

Former WCW star Disco Inferno wrote the following regarding the matter…

“Wrestlers and fans need to pull a full stop on this “fat shaming” bullshit. The wrestlers being fat shamed need to put the effort in to the gym and diet instead of playing victim. Do the fucking work and stop embarrassing this industry.”

Kingston responded and publicly addressed his suspension…

“You never did the work and the boys kept you around to laugh at you. I remember hearing the story where big show farted in your face. You ain’t a man.”

“Trying to be the bigger person as they say. But come on man there is so much ho shit coming out of people’s mouths.”

“Last thing I will say about my suspension. I was wrong in the wrong for touching another man’s face. Let it go!”

“AEW did a mil in ratings right? Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about how Mox ripped the head of a snake on live TV. Let’s talk about how great my best friend penta match was.”

Kingston also quoted Chris Jericho…

“‘Never totally bury your opponent.’ This is one of the first lessons about promos that Chris Jericho learned according to his first book “A Lions Tale: Around the World in Spandex”