Eddie Kingston comments on why there has been backstage turmoil in AEW

As previously noted, Eddie Kingston reportedly confronted Sammy Guevara on August 10th 2022 in Minneapolis (AEW’s Quake by the Lake Dynamite/Rampage event) and there was a verbal dispute that led to Kingston being suspended for two weeks.

During an appearance on the Eat, Sleep, Podcast, Repeat!, Kingston commented on why there has been backstage turmoil in AEW…

“It’s real simple. You’ve got a lot of people back there with egos. Some people believe other people don’t deserve to be in AEW, other people do believe they deserve to be in AEW. So when you’ve got a bunch of guys – men and women- who don’t know how to use their words? [chuckles] Things are gonna happen in the back.”

“I had an H.R. meeting a couple days ago telling me I can’t beat up people in the ring when I want to. We’re all trying to be good. We’re all trying to be professional. Their words, not mine.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)