ECW veteran says one million viewers would be “guaranteed” for AEW Dynamite if he confronted Jack Perry

As seen during the July 26th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, a match was teased between FTW champion Jack Perry and ECW veteran Jerry Lynn.

During Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer and ECW veteran Bully Ray commented on the impact him or Tommy Dreamer could make in AEW…

“If the story went down the ECW road and I showed up in the right town … there’s monster business to be done there. This is not me blowing smoke up my own ass … if you announced that Bully Ray, or even Tommy Dreamer to the matter, were showing up on ‘AEW Dynamite’ on whatever week it was, to come face-to-face and confront Jack Perry, you’re doing over a million viewers. Guaranteed.”

“Tommy fits the part the best. Him and Taz were the bestest of best friends, Tommy was Taz’ best man at his wedding. The story is so deep, it’s there if you want to go down the ECW road. If you do go down that ECW road, you will make Jack Perry a bigger star at the end of this story than you can with any other talent that’s in ECW right now.” (quotes courtesy of