EC3: “The internet tried to cancel me for a bunch of bullsh*t that wasn’t true”

As previously noted, former WWE star EC3 revealed that he once sent AEW President Tony Khan an e-mail but never heard back. During an appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast, EC3 commented on not working for AEW…

“I talked with them a little bit before, but I was signed with Ring of Honor. By that time, the internet tried to cancel me for a bunch of bullshit that wasn’t true. I think Tony Khan legitimately thought I was whatever the internet said I was at the time, which is pretty unfortunate considering people listen to lies, and therefore their finances or personal lives are dependent on the opinions of a mob that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.” (quote courtesy of

In 2022, EC3 addressed “false accusations” about his Control Your Narrative promotion and claims that he was a “neonazi.”