EC3 addresses “false accusations” about CYN and claim that he is a “neonazi”

In an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit, EC3 talked about his Control Your Narrative promotion…

“A baffling, yet very detailed and strangely specific, lie emerged on Reddit about #ControlYourNarrative, and since then a stream of disinformation, slander, and false accusations have been made.

I have debunked them. It went uncovered. I will debunk them here. It will probably go uncovered. That is ok.

This lie emerged after a wrestling company tried to have us removed from our venue for CYN: Awakening at The Southside Music Hall at Gilley’s in Dallas 3-31-22 (Tickets available here!)

I am a rational human being. I disavow neonazism, along with any and all forms of race, gender, orientation, cultural hate. A thread here earlier claimed I am a ‘neonazi’ based on the fact I said a number during an interview making a joke about a discount code for a pillow company. It is an untrue and absurd claim, based on a ‘joke’ I made about an absurd claim (started here) that I and CYN was funded by…… the My Pillow Guy. I was doing the interview to combat the lies and rumors started here. If watching the interview you can tell that I had no idea the number existed as a so called ‘dog whistle.’ The interviewer stated it was obvious I had no idea the number had any ties to any hate speech. I didn’t know the number had association with anything hate related.

There is no political motivation. There is no political funding. There is enough of that in other forms of media and entertainment. There is no misogyny, racism, hate speech, etc. That is not tolerated. There is talent with differing opinions. You may agree, you may disagree. You may disagree so vehemently that you won’t watch the product. That is ok.

I believe in freedom to think, act, feel, and speak regardless of if I agree with what someone says. I’m aware this is hypocritical from someone who ‘BANNED MOVES’ but in the future, you will see why.

I believe in forgiveness. It’s an act that brings closure and acceptance. Often forgiveness isn’t for the person who you feel has wronged you. It is for you to be able to move on.”