Drew McIntyre gets into heated confrontation with Adam Pearce after WWE Money in the Bank

As seen during the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank PLE, Drew McIntyre cashed in his Money in the Bank contract that he won in the men’s ladder match. However, CM Punk ended up interfering and McIntyre’s attempt to win the world title was unsuccessful.

During the post-show, an irate McIntyre called out Punk. Officials and RAW general manager Adam Pearce tried to calm McIntyre down but McIntyre ended up giving Pearce an elbow strike. Wade Barrett had to convince McIntyre to back off.

Punk vs. McIntyre has been rumored for the 2024 WWE Summerslam PLE. On Sunday morning, Pearce wrote the following…

“Last night in Toronto was emotionally charged in so many ways. Good and bad. Understatement. I personally apologize for the interruption to the post show and my anger. Poor Jackie feared for her life. Understatement. Decisions to be made regarding McIntyre/Punk. Understatement.”