Results of the men’s ladder match at WWE Money in the Bank 2024

Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade vs. LA Knight vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Chad Gable vs. Jey Uso in a Money in the Bank ladder match took place at WWE Money in the Bank 2024. Here are the highlights…

* Toronto’s Trish Stratus introduced the show. The Star-Spangled Banner and O Canada were performed.

* Jey and Knight cleared the ring right away and teased a confrontation but McIntyre hit them both with a ladder. McIntyre made the first attempt to climb the ladder but Gable caught him and applied a submission on a ladder. However, Andrade took out Gable with a springboard legdrop. Carmelo then came in and gave Andrade a Spanish Fly onto a ladder.

* Jey took out McIntyre with a spear but then Gable sent Jey out of the ring with a German suplex. Gable gave Carmelo the Chaos Theory and then took out Andrade with a ladder. The crowd chanted “you still suck” at Gable. Gable tried to climb the ladder but was stopped by Knight. Knight gave Gable a neckbreaker onto a ladder.

* McIntyre gained the upper hand when he powerbombed Gable onto a ladder and then sent Andrade over the top rope with a claymore. Knight and Jey worked together with a BFT and Uso splash to McIntyre. Knight and Jey climbed the ladder and traded shots as the crowd did “YEAH” and “YEET” chants. Carmelo came in and knocked both men off the ladder.

* Andrade and Carmelo both climbed the ladder which led to Andrade giving Carmelo a sunset flip powerbomb onto a ladder below.

* Gable gave Knight a German suplex over the top rope onto a ladder bridge outside.

* Gable climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase but Jey removed the ladder and Gable couldn’t hold onto the briefcase. Jey climbed the ladder and almost won but McIntyre knocked him off with a ladder. McIntyre then climbed the ladder and retrieved the briefcase to win the contract.