Drew McIntyre explains his Wrestlemania 37 loss to Bobby Lashley

During an appearance on The Rack Radio Show, Drew McIntyre talked about his loss to Bobby Lashley at WWE Wrestlemania 37…

“To hear the shock I think when Lashley at the end as well when he put me out from his finishing move the Hurt Lock was pretty cool as well. I think everyone just expected Drew was going to win as well and have his moment with the fans this year. You know ‘he’s earned it, he’s worked so hard, he’s gonna get it and then it gets taken away and I think that’s important for the Drew McIntyre character.”

“I’m not Superman, I’m Batman and I have to be relatable. I am flawed as human, with all the ups and downs I have been through and I certainly haven’t had it easy the entire time. Why should I have it easy at Wrestlemania? I have to keep overcoming it at the same time while making top level superstar in Bobby Lashley, we need as many top level superstars as possible. To get that moment taken away, I’m still chasing that moment in front of the fans at Wrestlemania.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)