AEW star says she turned down an offer from WWE

During an appearance on the Wrestling With The Week podcast, AEW star Jade Gargill talked about getting into the wrestling business and joining the company…

“I watched wrestling growing up. Believe it or not, I know probably come off as a girlie girl or something like that, but I was one of the guys. I used to fight all the time, because none of the guys wanted to wrestle me because I was a girl. Watching Chyna really put a lot of confidence in myself because when she walked on the stage, she had a presence about herself that was so assured. And I was bigger than all the guys, muscular, and she was very muscular and very fit. And she looked damn good. It was undeniable. Her talent was undeniable, her look was undeniable. That’s what drew me in. I came in maybe around the Attitude Era. I came from more of a football background. My mother and father loved football and I was the one, my brother and I loved wrestling growing up. Got away from it and then the opportunity came up with Mark Henry. He set me up with a (WWE) tryout. It went well, I was asked to come, turned it down, and here I am in AEW.”

“I’m enjoying it. I think, as far as wrestling, I’m 28 years old. It shows me that there’s so many things that I don’t know. There’s nothing but room to get better and be the best at this. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to elevate the women’s division, but I’m here to best. I wouldn’t even step foot into this if I didn’t think I was going to be good or benefit this company or wrestling in general. It’s just I’m learning on TV as I go. I know that wrestling fans have an instant gratification. And a lot of people have been working on the indies and a lot of people have been going to wrestling schools that have developed them before they were on TV. Anthony Ogogo and I are probably the first people who are developing as we go on TV. I’m enjoying it. The sky’s the limit. I just started and hell, I think I’m going to be damn good at this.” (quotes courtesy of

In November of 2020, Dave Meltzer of reported that Cargill had a tryout with WWE in 2019 but wasn’t signed. Meltzer noted that “just based on her look and athletic ability I’m surprised WWE didn’t sign her, but they did a complete tryout and there must have been something they didn’t like.”