Drew McIntyre comments on the regime changes in WWE and backstage vibe

While speaking to Adrian Hernandez on KXST 1140 The Bet Las Vegas, Drew McIntyre talked about the WWE regime changes with Vince McMahon retiring and Triple H taking over creative

“The vibe is very positive, but I’d also be lying if I said the vibe wasn’t positive prior. I can’t remember a time where everybody was just down the whole time. Everybody knows that you just have to keep giving it your all, and hopefully, the opportunity will come. Everybody can’t be pushed and used at the same time, but I’ve always been of the belief, that in WWE, keep your head down, give it all you’ve got, keep improving in your weak areas, and your account to the person in the mirror, that opportunity will come and it’s up to you to smash it.

Recently, obviously, there’s been a lot more outside the box things going on, which has been very exciting for our watching audience, but also for our locker room as well. ‘Oh crap, what’s going to happen next? Is somebody going to come back that we miss in the locker room? That’d be cool.’ It also adds some buzz and excitement to the show, which is always good as well. You’ve seen already, a few superstars have returned and it’s got people talking, especially socially, and we could use a little depth on our roster, so it’s only a good thing as far as I’m concerned, especially if people are talking.” (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)