Drew McIntyre asked again about his WWE contractual status with Wrestlemania 40 approaching

It was previously reported that Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract is expected to expire after the Wrestlemania 40 PLE. While McIntyre has been scheduled for an event after Wrestlemania, his contractual status remains up in the air.

McIntyre, who is scheduled to challenge Seth Rollins for the world heavyweight title on night two of Wrestlemania, was asked again about his contract during an appearance on The Ringer’s Masked Men Show. Here is what McIntyre had to say…

“It’s very important to me, having a new contract. It’s been talked about for a very long time on the internet. I’m not the only one whose contract comes up every few years or whatever, but you would think it, reading the internet. There is nothing I can say right now. I can say that I’m having fun. I can say that I intend to continue having fun and I’m in my prime. I’m younger than everyone thinks I am because I’ve been around for such a long time. I have years to go. No matter what, you’ll still see Drew McIntyre wrestling. I can say ‘or Drew Galloway’ and that would get everyone’s attention.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)