Details on what reportedly led to Vince McMahon canceling Shane’s Wrestlemania 38 plans

As previously noted, it was reported Shane McMahon has been quietly “let go” from WWE after receiving backstage heat for his producing work during the men’s 2022 Royal Rumble match.

During his podcast on, Wade Keller provided details regarding what happened between Shane and his father Vince McMahon that led to Shane’s Wrestlemania 38 plans being canceled…

“So the story is for the third year in a row he [Shane] was brought in to help produce the Royal Rumble. It’s sort of a dad doing a favor to his son…Shane’s creative ideas over the decades have been laughed at behind his back. I’ve reported that for decades. He was never seen as having a good creative wrestling mind. That has carried over even into his 50s when trying to help produce the Royal Rumble.”

“This was an … unexpected, sharp increase in disruptiveness in bad ideas on Saturday. From what I’m told directly from people there, he was really self-centered. It was all about him [and] his ideas, and he didn’t get caught up on what the plans were for the match. He didn’t know was going on TV that was building to certain moments. And he just pulled the McMahon card with the match producers wanting things to be done his way because why else would Shane-O-Mac be brought in, if not to basically dictate something, a major chapter involving him in the match. And so he did. And it got to the point where there were heated arguments with people who felt that they could push back and a lot of stress and strife and distractions with everybody else because it was just chaos. There was a plan for the match. Shane was pushing back against producers who were simply trying to follow through on what Vince McMahon told them should be done in the match. And Shane just went way overboard. If you look at the people that Shane was fighting in the ring during the Rumble, that was his doing. That’s who he wanted to be in the ring with looking good against. I mean two of the legit kind of badass guys in WWE — Otis with his background and Riddle with his background, and Shane punched away at them. Then Kevin Owens super kicked him twice and tried to toss him out but Shane reversed him and tossed him out over the top row to eliminate him.”

“So when it came time to put someone over, Shane was willing to put over Brock Lesnar. But the issue with Shane really got to the next level with Vince when it came to what was planned for Raw and that Shane had real problems with how he was going to be framed as he was going to be in the Elimination Chamber. And so, Shane disagreed with what Vince wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. It was laid out to Shane what the plans were and he didn’t like it, and he pushed back and that led to Vince just finally having enough and canceling all plans with Shane, everything that they have planned with him.” (quote courtesy of

Keller also said that it’s not clear if Shane has been released from his talent contract or if he was just sent home. The current belief is that he won’t be involved with WWE for the foreseeable future.