Could WWE television be going back to the Thunderdome in 2022?

With Covid-19’s Omicron variant becoming the dominant strain of the virus in the United States, there is new talk about how WWE and AEW will handle any potential mandates/shutdowns in 2022.

Steve Carrier of noted the following regarding the possibility of WWE returning to the Thunderdome…

“We asked around about this, and a ThunderDome return is possible, but so are many other options. At this point ‘there are a lot of contingency plans that are being discussed.'”

“The pandemic is not over and WWE knows that cancelling events is a real possibility, especially if things don’t improve.

At this point, the company is preparing for any scenario.”

Dave Meltzer of also addressed the matter…

“I think they’re both going to be pretty confident that Florida will not issue any mandates under any circumstance. Obviously, AEW can go back to Jacksonville and WWE can go back to someplace in Florida. You can always do the Performance Center. The problem is that if you put RAW and SmackDown in front of 300 people again those numbers will crater. So, it’s a bad situation and AEW’s numbers will hurt too.”

“I don’t know if they’re crater as well. They did okay numbers in Jacksonville. Obviously, if there’s no other choice, then yeah we can go through that again. The ThunderDome thing, I mean they did better in the ThunderDome than the Performance Center, so I think that in that sense WWE could look at a ThunderDome again and try to take residency in a building, but it’s hard because, I guess you could do the baseball stadium, because baseball isn’t starting for months, so I guess they’ll go to the Tampa baseball stadium and set up.” (quotes courtesy of