Complete spoiler results for ROH’s tribute show to Jay Briscoe

Following the January 18th 2023 AEW Dynamite/Rampage event, a special ROH tribute show took place for Jay Briscoe. Here are the results courtesy of Ron Mayfield and…

They have changed over the ring apron, graphics and turnbuckles to Ring of Honor logos.

There is a giant graphic with Jay Briscoe’s image underneath the words “JAY BRISCOE CELEBRATION OF LIFE 1984-2023.’

We opened with Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on stage in front of a Jay Briscoe graphic. Ian said it was a special night and a night to celebrate. Ian said Jay was one of the best wrestlers ever in Ring of Honor and said he had some of the most captivating interviews we’ve ever seen. Fans didn’t get to see Jay the man like they did on the road. He mentioned Jay being there for his daughters’ cheerleading practices and drawing up football plays for his son’s football team. He would be on the first flight out to get back to his family and be there for them.

Caprice said that sometimes fans forget that they are family men too. Jay was eager to get out there and perform but just as eager to go back to his family.

Ian said they have huge bouts tonight in honor of Jay. Jay was super special to them and he would want the show to go on and continue.

They noted Jay was the first match in ROH and the show has to go on. They are going to show fans some history tonight as well.

Tony Khan came out and thanked everyone for being here tonight. He thanked the fans for being here to honor the life and legacy of a great man.

Fans are chanting “ROH.”get a sib

Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko and BJ Whitmer came to ringside to sit at a table.

Fans chanting “Thank you Jay.”

Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

The opening match is ROH Pure Wrestling Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. Hagane Shinno. It goes around ten minutes under Pure Rules. Shinno uses several rope breaks. Yuta finally gets a submission with a Regal Stretch style move. They shook hands after.

Adam Cole came out. Cole said that so many people around the world and in the locker room know that Jay Briscoe was one of the most incredible people you could ever meet. He said that The Briscoes were two of the most tenacious pro wrestlers you could ever find. He said he and a lot of others had their best pro wrestling matches with Jay Briscoe. He said that when he was 20 years old, he was still trying to find himself as a wrestler in ROH and Jay Briscoe helped him find himself. He said that they went to war and Jay toughened him up more than anyone realized. He would not be standing here today if it was not for Jay Briscoe. The crowd chanted “Thank you Jay.” Cole said that Jay the man and the friend instantly made the room, the car ride, the plane ride better. He said there were so many times they cried laughing becuase Jay was such a goofball. Jay was so grateful for everything and everyone. He never talked bad on anyone and if you knew him a day or forever, Jay wanted the best for everyone. Cole said that most importantly, he loved his family. Jay was an incredible father, husband, son and brother. Jay’s entire heart and soul was his family and you could see it in his eyes.

Cole told Mark and the Briscoe family that everyone was here for you and that he was so sorry. The family is one of the kindest families you could ever hope to meet and he hopes they know how much everyone truly loves them.

The fans chanted “Thank you Jay.”

Cole said right about now, Jay would smack him in the back of the head and say it was time to Man Up and have a bad-ass wrestling show. He said that it was time to get fired up. He told Jay that he loves him, misses him and that Jay left the world a better place.

The crowd again chanted “Thank you Jay.”

The crowd chanted “Man Up!”

Marina Shafir defeated Mighty Myra with an armbar submission.

Eddie Kingston defeated QT Marshall via submission.

ROH Women’s Champion Athena defeated Madison Rayne (with Sky Blue) via submission with a crossface. She attacked Sky Blue with the title belt and laid her out after the match.

Juice Robinson defeated Brandon Cutler.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Sandra Moon.

ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli defeated Christopher Daniels with the Jay-Driller.

Chris Daniels took the mic after the match. He said he’s been wrestling for 30 years and after all that time, he doesn’t know there was a tougher pro wrestler than Jay Briscoe. He said that he wanted to thank Ashley and his family for sharing Jay with them as often as she did. He said he was proud to share the ring with another great ROH Champion.

Claudio said when he was driving to the Arena today he was listening to music and there was a song that had the chorus that went Bring me flowers when I can enjoy them, don’t just bring them when I am gone. He asked the crowd to tell someone that they love them. He said to appreciate your day for what it is and don’t take tomorrow for granted. He thanked Daniels and thanked the fans for coming out and staying. He said he loves everyone of the fans and loved Jay Briscoe. He asked the fans to keep him and his family in your thoughts and asked everyone to drive home safe.