Cody Rhodes says he was “surprised at how pissed people were” about his WWE Wrestlemania 39 loss

During an interview with Jimmy Traina on the SI Media podcast, Cody Rhodes commented on the fan reactions to his WWE Wrestlemania 39 loss against Roman Reigns

“I was surprised at how pissed people were. A lot of managerial people in the company reached out to me, checking on me, and also reached out to me to let me know, ‘don’t go online. Don’t go online.’ I didn’t even think to go. It’s such an incredibly busy week, there are so many emotions in that experience, I have my family with me, I lost in front of them, which is another level of embarrassment. I didn’t even think to go online. Just the fact that they were preparing me or battening down the hatches. ‘This is shaky, people are really frustrated,’ that surprised me. That surprised me a lot.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)