Cody Rhodes said to have been “taken off all Wrestlemania documents”

There have been conflicting reports about Cody Rhodes’ status with WWE in recent days. On Thursday, it was reported by Cassidy Haynes of that conversations between Cody Rhodes and WWE have “fizzled out.”

On Friday, Dave Meltzer of wrote that creative in WWE was “working on stuff for him” and Steve Carrier of noted that Cody was listed on internal documents for Wrestlemania 38.

On Saturday, Meltzer wrote via Twitter that there has been a “definite change” in Cody’s status with WWE and creative had been given the update on Friday night. Meltzer wrote on’s message board that “creative was told last night a change in Cody status from sure thing to uncertain.”

On Sunday, Steve Carrier of noted the following regarding the matter…

“Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania status has changed. We can confirm this is true. Not three hours after we reported that he was on Mania documents, the creative team was informed that things changed. We can now confirm that Cody Rhodes was taken off all WrestleMania documents.”