Cody Rhodes addresses a non-PG line he used about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on WWE television

As seen during the March 18th 2024 edition of WWE RAW, Cody Rhodes cut a promo in response to The Rock’s comments from the March 15th edition of Smackdown. Cody questioned if Rock would have “Big Dwayne Energy” or “Little Dick Syndrome” at Wrestlemania 40. Cody also called Rock a “whiny bitch” and an “asshole.”

While speaking on the SI Media podcast, Cody addressed what he said…

“Fans in the arena loved it. There was a huge joy to this interview I did. However, for me, I felt a little guilty because I have a lot of young, young, young fans and I would never want them to ask their mom about ‘LDS’ or this or that.

My run with WWE has been really for the family audience, and really for the little nightmares, these little kiddos. I just wouldn’t want to lead them astray in any way and hopefully, that interview didn’t turn them off to me, if I am their guy, as their guy. Everyone after was so pumped about it, my wife was digging it, and I remember thinking I felt a little guilty.” (quote courtesy of