Backstage news regarding Cody Rhodes’ promo directed at The Rock from 3/18/24 edition of WWE RAW

As seen during the March 18th 2024 edition of WWE RAW, Cody Rhodes cut a promo in response to The Rock’s comments from the March 15th edition of Smackdown. Cody questioned if Rock would have “Big Dwayne Energy” or “Little Dick Syndrome” at Wrestlemania 40. Cody also called Rock a “whiny bitch” and an “asshole.”

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of explained why Cody was allowed to use profanity despite a PG guidelines memo reportedly being sent to talent

“There was a memo. Everyone got it. But they gave Cody… they knew that he had to come back (against Rock). But there was absolutely a memo. I got that from several different guys, and there’s been other reporters who have too, so that’s not nothing. And no-one else is allowed to do that, but he (Cody) was given the opportunity to do it because basically they wanted him to stay babyface essentially. And if he came off badly on this promo and Rock came off so great in Memphis, it’s like, that’s not what they want.” (quote courtesy of

The Rock’s collaborator Brian Gewirtz addressed his name being mentioned by Cody during the promo…

“‘Final Boss’ isn’t anything I came up with. @TheRock calls himself that because he is that. If it makes you feel better @CodyRhodes, I was the first to tell him about your spectacularly stupid goofy ass dog.”