CM Punk trolls wrestling fans amidst speculation of him returning to WWE or AEW

As previously noted, former AEW star CM Punk reportedly wanted to make a WWE return but the company “turned him down” and he’s not expected to be back for now. Despite the reports, fans are still speculating about Punk potentially returning to WWE or being the person wearing the “Devil” mask on AEW television.

Punk has publicly acknowledged the speculation by trolling fans via his Instagram stories. In one story, Punk revealed that he was working out to the song “War Pigs” which happens to be the official theme for the 2023 WWE Survivor Series PLE. It also showed that he burned “666” calories from the workout and an animation of him while wearing an AEW hoodie.

In another story, Punk shared a video package from the 2012 WWE Hell in a Cell PPV that featured him dressed up in Devil attire.