CM Punk shoots on what went wrong between him and “Hangman” Adam Page in AEW

As previously noted, it was said that “nobody knew” CM Punk would call out “Hangman” Adam Page for an AEW world title rematch during the August 17th 2022 edition of Dynamite. It was speculated that Punk calling out Page was a “receipt” for something Page said in a promo prior to the 2022 Double or Nothing PPV.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Punk commented on the promo between him and Page…

“One of the biggest criticism about WWE was it was overly scripted, wrestlers don’t need writers. Some people don’t, some people do. Some people prefer it. I sat down with him, and we hammered out this promo, what if you say this, and I say that, and then he proceeds to go on live TV and not say any of the shit that we talked about. I can’t hear him because the crowd’s so loud, and I have to really pay attention to what he’s saying because my responses matter, I can’t just say what I had planned, because it’s not going to match what he’s saying to me. He’s saying some shit and I don’t know what he’s talking about, and I’m just like man, why would you do this, TV is very expensive, and you’re just shitting on me and shitting on the business, why would you do this?”

“Afterwards I spoke to him and I was like ‘why did you do that?’ He thinks I got one of his friends who hasn’t been fired, fired. I went to Tony and the lawyer and I said ‘you need to fix that, because if I do you’re not going to like the way I fix it’, and I thought I was being professional by not just murdering him on television. I know some people are going to be upset about that, but with me respect is the default, until you do something that makes me lose my respect for you. I had never done anything to any of those guys, if they’re basing how their attitude is towards me based off some bullshit a friend told them, then I can’t help you. Everything went off the rails from there. It’s a shame.” (quotes courtesy of