CM Punk elaborates on what he said about his time in WWE feeling “kind of wasted”

As previously noted, CM Punk did an interview with and talked about how he felt his run in WWE was “kind of wasted.”

While speaking to media after the Double or Nothing PPV, the new AEW World Champion elaborated on what he said…

“I said something that I think a lot of people obviously on its face will think is ridiculous. I said I feel like the seven years I was out of the ring I didn’t feel was wasted. I feel almost that the 10 years that I spent in WWE was wasted. Because I feel it is Management, Owner, Booker, whoever’s job, is to get the most out of all the talent. I feel that I never [reached my full potential]. I reached the potential that I could have given the limitations they constantly put on me. I feel here [in AEW] there’s no limitations put on myself or anybody and sky’s the limit. So I finally feel like I could reach my potential.”

“So that’s what I mean. When I say that. God damn, I look back on that time, and I’m like, ‘What are we doing?’ To me, you’re [Tony Khan] always trying to make the most money and put on the best possible show you can. It felt like 10 years of fighting silly battles and standing on my own d*ck and I’m not in the business of trying to stand on my own dick. I’ll say one more time. I don’t do that here. I think everybody here can reach their fullest potential.” (quotes courtesy of