CM Punk feels that his time in WWE “was kind of wasted”

In an interview with, CM Punk talked about his WWE run and how things changed since signing with AEW…

“I feel like it was kind of wasted. It could have been so much more. It should have been so much more. And now, this is everything I dreamed pro wrestling could and should be. And I’m here and I’m f—ing in the moment. I’m not thinking about tomorrow. I’m not worried about s— that happened yesterday. I’m living in the moment and I’m 100% in my f—ing prime, best I’ve ever been.”

“I don’t run things. I don’t call shots. I don’t book s—. I just make towns. And I have a wealth of experience that I can draw from. I have a wealth of positive and negative experiences that I can draw from. I’m not sitting back trying to hold people back, politic or anything. I’m just literally trying to make this place better.”