CJ Perry (Lana) comments on possibly working for AEW

During an appearance on The Man Made Chronicles podcast, former WWE star CJ Perry (Lana) commented on possibly working for AEW…

“I would love to, I mean I love storytelling. I love wrestling and I love the fans. I can’t emphasize enough how much I miss it. I miss the fans, there is nothing like the people and that connection that you have. I love television and movies, but you don’t get that instant gratification. You don’t even know, all you really get is online with the critics. When you are live performing in the wrestling arena, you know exactly how they feel immediately.”

“It is just such a relationship that I really am thankful for that I have with the audience. So I’d love to do something with AEW. If the story is right, I’d love to do something with Miro or maybe with other people. But I want to tell compelling stories, so if it is right I would absolutely love it.” (quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com)