Chris Jericho was accidentally hurt by CM Punk during brawl in AEW

During his Talk is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho commented on the brawl that took place during AEW Dynamite’s “Quake by the Lake” episode and how he was accidentally hurt by CM Punk…

“Which of course led to CM Punk returning and because he had been hurt and that when the summer was over and he came back and people just went nuts for it and had the Jericho Appreciation Society all take bumps for him. And then he came in with me and you can see I charged at him with the belt. He hits me, hits me again. You see me pointing to my throat to clothesline me over the top rope to the floor. And we didn’t quite have enough momentum.

Nobody’s fault. It just, I called it on the fly. We didn’t have the amount of momentum. So when I got stuck and he gave me a little bit of an extra shove to go over and that’s when I bruised my larynx. Total accident, no issue whatsoever. It just was the wrong place at the right time.” (quote courtesy of