Chelsea Green comments on Twitter users trying to “cancel” her

Over the weekend, Chelsea Green tweeted about the release of Bray Wyatt and was criticized because some fans felt that she was making the situation about herself.

During an appearance on the Ring The Belle podcast, Green addressed the heat…

“I’m forever canceled. Someone is always trying to cancel me. I don’t like feeding into the cancel culture, so I try not to respond, but I tweeted something nice and supportive, and people are taking it so negatively. The irony of it is that two men in the industry, if not more, tweeted almost the exact same thing and were not canceled. I’m not, like, super feminist, but when it comes to stuff like this, that’s where I think the line is crossed a little bit with the Twitter fans, is that they come for somebody and they all want to dogpile that person, and I just don’t support that and I don’t think it’s right. Luckily I mentally am strong and I don’t let it affect me, but it really worries me – how do other people take this stuff?

At the end of the day, I know that Bray Wyatt is somebody who I’ve had personal conversations with, who I like, his wife is someone who I have personal conversations with, who I like. So I know that they know what I mean, and that’s really what matters, is that I support him.” (quote courtesy of