Busted Open Radio host says Tommy Dreamer “f*cked up” and is off the show for now

As previously noted, Tommy Dreamer issued a public apology after his Dark Side of the Ring interview remarks about Ric Flair’s alleged actions on the “Plane Ride from Hell” received backlash from viewers.

During the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, host Dave LaGreca addressed Dreamer’s status on the show. LaGreca said it is not easy to talk about the matter and that he was “shocked” when he first heard what Dreamer had to say. LaGreca said Dreamer’s apology was a “first step” at forgiveness but doesn’t change what was said during the interview.

LaGreca then said the following…

“Tommy f*cked up. Tommy f*cked up on Thursday and what he said was insensitive and won’t be tolerated… As a father, as a husband, knowing my daughter is about to go out into the world and start college soon… These are things I worry about for my own family and there’s no f*cking place for it…”

“For the time being, he’s off the show. How long, I don’t know. I think he needs to take some time to reflect and understand how his comments hurt. I don’t know if you can put a timetable on that.”