Bryan Danielson told Vince McMahon there is part of him “that just wants to be able to bleed”

In an interview with, Bryan Danielson talked about why decided to leave WWE and sign with AEW…

“I don’t like to divulge my conversations with Vince [McMahon] at all because I know he’s a very private person. But one of the things, when I finally made my decision I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m set on this decision’, and he was kind of asking me why and I said, ‘You know, there’s part of me too that just wants to be able to bleed’. And he immediately said, ‘Well, I’m sorry I’ll never be able to give you that’. So yeah, it’s not like I want to do it all the time. There’s something, I don’t know, incredibly life affirming about it, as strange as that sounds.”

“When I did the checks and balances as far as what do I want in my life, where can I make a bigger impact and help more people, what the quality of my life would be for my children. Two things that are not related at all would be being able to spend time with my family, and being able to bleed.” (quotes courtesy of