Brock Lesnar speaks his mind about there being ‘a lot of laziness’ in the world

While speaking with, Brock Lesnar discussed the topic of work ethic and said the following…

“I just have a work ethic like no other, and it shows. If you followed me around for seven days, you would understand why I am who I am. And the people that get ahead and are successful — like Dwayne Johnson, and Vince McMahon and Pat McAfee — are just go-getting [expletive] that refuse the answer ‘no.’ And that’s what’s lacking in this world. I think there’s a lot of laziness.”

“They can come up with all kinds of [expletive] excuses if they want to. That’s easy to do. But get out there and do something with yourself. Everybody wants to bash the guys that get over or are successful. They always want to undercut it, because they can’t figure it out. I’ll outwork anybody. That’s just what I do . . . I’ll be 45 and I look as good as I do. And I feel good, you know? Get off your lazy [expletive] and go do something with yourself, instead of taking your handout check.”

Q&A with WWE champion Brock Lesnar

Twenty years after debuting in the WWE as “Next Big Thing,” Brock Lesnar is as big — and bad — as ever. Lesnar, 44, is once again WWE champion, and is set to defend the title in a winner-take-all ma