Brie Bella (Garcia) gives an update on her husband Bryan Danielson following AEW Dynasty

As seen during the 2024 AEW Dynasty PPV event, Will Ospreay defeated Bryan Danielson. While speaking on their podcast, Nikki and Brie Bella (Garcia) discussed the match. Brie commented on her husband’s condition following the match…

Brie: I watched, and yes, a lot of moments I was like, ‘Your neck. I was so scared.’ Obviously, he walked away healthy from the match. I shouldn’t say healthy, he did hurt himself.

Nikki: He did. You always create a headline with him.

Brie: I think everyone knows, he did fall on his neck. He’s good. Not like anything where he is out of the ring and getting surgery.

Nikki: What did he do?

Brie: He landed on it a certain way. You wrestle hard and unfortunately, he’s going to be 43 on May 22nd, your body does things. I saw a lot of people online say the same thing, it’s probably one of the best matches in pro wrestling history, I’m just gonna be that cocky. Some are saying ‘in the United States, the best pro wrestling match in the United States.’ Better than any match so far this year. I agree. I think Bryan and Will, their chemistry and story, they are both such stars. It just got you fired up. When I watched the match, I told Bryan, ‘I got fired up. Fired up!’

Thanks to Jeremy Lambert for the transcript.