Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE is said to be “very near” as Summerslam 2023 approaches

Bray Wyatt has been off WWE television for months due to a reported illness and did not appear at the Wrestlemania 39 PLE.

Twitter account Better Wrestling Experience (@BoozerRasslin), which has leaked RAW and Smackdown plans in recent months, noted that Wyatt’s return to WWE is “very near” and could potentially happen at Summerslam 2023.

BWE wrote the following…

“Bray has been around few times. His plans are there for his return. An feud suggested and approved by everyone. Its only a call of ‘when’. The discussion is for SSlam. So id keep an eye on one of the mainevents of that night.”

Wyatt recently resurfaced on social media to promote the “Wyatt pack” for WWE 2K23.