Bray Wyatt said to be dealing with an “illness” and is not gone from WWE

As previously noted, Bray Wyatt did not appear at the March 12th 2023 WWE live event at Madison Square Garden despite being advertised for a match against LA Knight and is reportedly dealing with a “physical issue” at the moment.

Wyatt did not appear on March 17th 2023 edition of Smackdown but his logo could be seen in the background during a backstage segment. While appearing on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer of commented on the situation….

“He’s ill. He was supposed to be at the show Friday and he was not so he’s still ill. They did do a quick tease of him so he’s not gone from the company. When I asked this week if he was going to be wrestling Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania, I did not get an answer and they did not promote that match on either show at all.”

“I was not given an answer so my gut is that it’s up in the air. I was not told a no, I was not told a yes. I was just told that he is ill. I guess it’s out of their hands right now. But he’s still with the company. I know there’s people who think that he quit the company but they did do a tease on Friday Night Smackdown show…” (quotes courtesy of