Braun Strowman opens up about making his return to WWE

During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Braun Strowman talked about his return to WWE…

“You know in all honesty, as much as I don’t want to admit it because I’m supposed to be this big, giant, tough monster, I had to swallow back the emotions. It was really hard to stay in character. I heard that roar. I heard the place come unglued. Look, I’ve given myself goosebumps thinking about it. I’m home. A year and a half away from the business watching my friends go out and entertain. We came back through the pandemic of being able to be in front of the WWE Universe and I wasn’t able to be a part of that made me kind of jealous. But you know that same feeling walking out there in Kansas City on Monday night after a year and a half of the WWE Universe not seeing the monster among men. My God, the pop, that’s what we all work for. That’s what everybody does this for. I mean, there’s no feeling that can mimic that energy, that excitement, when you walk out and the entire building loses their minds because you’re there. You can see when I was walking out, like it was everything I could do to keep that emotion inside of me. I cried when I came back through the curtain. Once I got away from everybody, I finally was able to absorb it and let it in because I love this. I miss it. I’m home. It’s good to be back.”

“People reached out about stuff and you know, I kind of played around with the ideas and I always said in interviews, and people thought I was stupid for it, I said I would never put on a pair of boots for anybody besides WWE and I stuck to my word. I never put on another pair of boots. I went out, started my own thing, worked for myself, gave young talent a place to come and work and make a living, hone their craft inside CYN and like I said, I stuck to my guns. I will never wrestle for anyone other than myself or WWE, and here we are. The monster is home.” (quotes courtesy of