Braun Strowman comments on if he has been in talks with AEW

As previously noted, Braun Strowman was spotted with Impact Wrestling official Scott D’Amore at a hotel bar for the Motor City Comic Con on Saturday night.

In an interview with’s All Lions, Strowman was asked if he has been in talks with AEW and here was his response…

“Yeah, we’ve sat down, and discussed stuff like that with my agent and things like that. We’re just trying to find a fit now, where everything kind of will work together, since now, there’s so many things that I’m working on in my personal life. I don’t have as much time to devote to the full-time schedule to wrestle now. So, it’s trying to find somewhere where I’ll be able to land in there to show up, have fun and entertain the people, but still be able to work on my side projects along the way.”

Strowman also talked about his time away from WWE…

“I’m enjoying having some time down, you know. Running hard for eight years, being on the road for six years with WWE was an unbelievable opportunity and unbelievable experiences I got to see in life. But, I also missed out on a lot of things in life in normal day-to-day stuff, with seeing my family, people getting married, births and you know, unfortunate funerals and stuff like that. I’ve been catching up on some of the day-to-day life.”

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Adam Scherr, known as Braun Strowman during his successful run with the WWE, is among the most coveted free agents in the world of professional wrestling. PWInsider reported on Sunday afternoon that Scherr met with Impact Wrestling executive Scott D’Amore while he was in Michigan over the weekend for Motor City Comic Con, which took place in Novi, Mich.