Becky Lynch addresses criticism of her return to WWE at Summerslam 2021

In an interview with, Becky Lynch talked about criticism of her returning at the 2021 WWE Summerslam PPV and beating Bianca Belair for the Smackdown women’s title in a short match…

“So, look, the thing is, people are not happy with how it went down. That’s a good thing when we want people to want somebody to overcome something. It’s better in the long run if people are not happy. If they’re happy and they’re happy with the match and she loses, then we have a problem. We want people to want the good guy to come out on top. If we see somebody we like do something that’s a bit underhanded, then we are displeased with them and don’t want them to win. That’s what we want.”

Becky also commented on her title defense at Crown Jewel against Bianca and Sasha Banks…

“I think that’s the thing, is that this is how things become progressive, by allowing women to see what’s possible. If it’s not something they get to see often, it’s not something they get to be aware of with the things they can do. So, I think that’s why this is so important. This is probably the biggest match you could have in women’s wrestling right now. The fact that it’s happening there just allows them to see what is possible for hopefully them one day, too.”

Becky Lynch discusses controversial SummerSlam match, wrestling in Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel

When Becky Lynch stepped away from WWE in May 2020, she was on top of the wrestling world. After finding out she was pregnant, Lynch relinquished her Raw women’s championship in the middle of a record-setting reign. After the birth of her daughter, Roux, with now-husband Seth Rollins on Dec.