Booker T responds to backlash from his comments about CM Punk promo on Rampage

As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was critical of CM Punk’s AEW debut promo from the August 20th 2021 edition of Rampage.

Booker T ended up receiving negative feedback from fans and here was his response…

“It’s amazing, no, I’m serious, it’s amazing, the hate someone gets for praising someone or just having a comment about someone like CM Punk. Like I said, CM Punk and I have don’t have any beef with each other. If I saw him, I’ll tell him, ‘man, you could have done a lot with that promo. I was looking for a pipe bomb, that’s what I was looking for.’ Okay, so if you can’t respect that, as a man because I’m willing to say to a man’s face what I say on the air when I see him in public. I’m not going to be a little man on the air, because I’m a man and I know how I would feel. But, if you got something constructive to say, some constructive criticism, about Booker T and I hear it, and it goes into the right ear, and I go, man, he might be right. But I’m not going to hate on the guy or anything like that. That’s just my point.” (quote courtesy of