Booker T called out by former WWE star for “running his mouth” and making “clueless” comments

During his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on Ryback negative comments towards WWE in recent years…

“I swear this dude talks like he’s been in the business for 100 years and worked at every base level. And I’m serious. I’m just saying I don’t know how difficult it was in the ring or anything like that. I don’t know how I’ve heard guys, you know, say that you know this, that wasn’t mad about them. But personally, I have no personal knowledge. But when Ryback left the company and went out on this world tour to bash everything about wrestling, even to the point where he said the titles aren’t real and now you want to try to get back in it, Guys like that, man. Just go home. Just go home.”

“It’s like you’ve burned, you blew the bridge up. So it’s like coming back to this business, it seems like you should be one to move on in life. And I’m not saying that just because I’m in this business. I’m just saying that because of what I say. Got out of it, and it seems like you just went on a world tour to mess up everything. Every bridge that you have built, every road that you have crossed is like you just, you know, screw it all up. I don’t know.” (quotes courtesy of

Here was Ryback’s response…

“Hey @BookerT5x you are better than that, at least I thought you were. It’s beyond obvious where you get your paycheck and if you want to be an actual man then pick up your phone or talk publicly with me. Stop running your mouth on something you’re obviously clueless on. Don’t worry either, I’m not trying to shake your fucking hand. I’ve heard enough from you though and just STFU on something you’re not involved in.”

“And I’m going to add to this it sucks to have a guy I grew up really liking and enjoyed seeing be successful chime in on things he knows nothing about. I love pro wrestling and speak up for wrestlers. My issues with @wwe @VinceMcMahon are against THEM and not the wrestling industry. Those that know, know. The truth always wins and you’re going to regret getting involved. I’m getting cleared and I’m coming back. That’s none of YOUR fucking business. Keep collecting those WWE paychecks and we will see how it all ends.”