Booker T addresses fan backlash he received over AEW/Impact Wrestling criticism

As previously noted, Booker T was critical of Kenny Omega becoming the Impact Wrestling World Champion and stated that it “does absolutely nothing” for Impact.

During his latest podcast, Booker T addressed fan backlash that he received due to his comments…

“I haven’t been able to sleep properly these last few days, man. All this stuff on the internet. I try to stay off the internet, but sometimes it breaks my heart. I got feelings too, people always got comments and what not. I was just making an opinion about Impact and AEW. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega going over to Impact, winning the Impact World Championship. I just did not think it was a good idea beating Rich Swann. I just did not think it was a good idea from a company perspective.”

“When people talk and say I don’t know what I’m talking about, or maybe I should not speak on it- well, this is called a show. This is what we do. We speak on stuff if it’s newsworthy. The thing is, you should want us to talk about it because we actually know what we’re talking about as opposed to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. My thing is this, people always say AEW being around is good for business. I think so as well. I think it’s good for business. But don’t think for one minute as far as wanting to beat you every week – I want to win. Just like WCW vs. WWE wars. Why do you think it’s so big? Because WCW won those 83 weeks in a row. It wasn’t about going out there and tying WWE. It wasn’t about going out there and bringing each other up to the same level or anything like that.” (quotes courtesy of