Bobby Fish makes Impact Wrestling debut and seemingly references CM Punk

Former AEW star Bobby Fish made his Impact Wrestling debut during Friday night’s Victory Road event. Fish cut a promo and seemingly made a reference to his recent issues with CM Punk

“Is it hot in here? Actually, I think that might just be all the heat that’s on me lately. Well, just in case there’s anybody in here who didn’t know, I’m Bobby Fish, and it seems that of late I’ve been turned into a bit of a lightning rod for controversy. I’m surprised, because the fact is I’ve never really considered myself a controversial guy. I’ve never thought of myself as a problem. I’m a guy who does his job. And frankly, after more than 20 years, I’m just not here for the bullshit. Can I say that? Here, let’s think about this. Impact can’t fire me. I don’t work here. And that brings me to my next point. So even though I don’t work here, I have kept an eye on the locker room back there. Being the man who has never been afraid to call somebody out. To call somebody for being less than legit. That locker room back there is full of legit dudes. Guys that I know will step between those ropes and they will give it a go and it’ll be everything they got. And they know what they’re doing and they’re not here faking the funk.”