Bill DeMott says Jeff Hardy should be held accountable on all charges and not allowed bail

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was arrested early Monday morning and faces several charges including felony DUI.

In 2015, former WWE star and trainer Bill DeMott lost his daughter Keri Anne DeMott in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. DeMott recently commented on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch being arrested and also said the following about Hardy’s arrest…

“3rd DUI in 10 years. NO license, NO business behind the wheel, probation violations…..HE should be held #Accountable on ALL charges and NOT allowed bail! @AEW #NoExcuses @KADFoundation1

@AEW has to address this now! There is NO justification for this mans actions. Are we going to wait until he kills himself or someone else? We have a #RepeatOffender Mentality and every SELFISH person that continues to put others in jeopardy needs to be held #Accountable #NoBail

You have more than enough money for a cab, for an Uber, for a Lyft. THERE IS #NOEXCUSE for this!

There are NO possible reasons for him to be behind the wheel of any vehicle!”