Bill DeMott shares press release calling for WWE to remove Sunny from the Hall of Fame

In 2015, former WWE star and trainer Bill DeMott lost his daughter Keri Anne DeMott in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation was formed and DeMott shared a press release in regards to the recent arrest of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame Wrestler Kills Innocent Victim In Drunk Driving Accident

The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation is calling for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) a publicly traded company, to remove DUI repeat offender and now killer of an innocent man, Tamara “Tammy” Sytch from its “Hall of Fame.”

Ormond Beach Police on Friday obtained a warrant for and arrested Tamara Sytch, 49, reporting on Saturday that the former WWE star’s blood-alcohol level was 0.280 when tested shortly after a crash in March that killed a 75-year-old man.

That BAC was three and a half times over the legal limit, police said. Investigators arrested Sytch at the Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona Beach shortly before 10 p.m. with help from Daytona Beach police.

Sytch has been arrested and charged with multiple DUI (Driving Under the Influence) over the years and has now killed someone because she was Drunk/Impaired and driving without a license. The Repeat Offender mentality is exactly why the state of Florida and the nation need to be held accountable and start holding the offenders and the law makers accountable for their actions. Sytch should not have been allowed or even given the “option” of bonding out of jail. She will be terrorizing the community until she held accountable by the fullest extent of the law!

DeMott also wrote the following on Twitter…

“When do we start holding people #accountable BEFORE they kill themselves or someone else? When do we decide as law makers and judges that we DO NOT get to decide who should and shouldn’t be punished? When do organizations speak up for EVERYONE not just influential cases? #WHEN”