Big E says losing the WWE Title was “kind of that falling off of a cliff feeling”

In an interview with Z100’s Josh Martinez, Big E talked about the fallout from losing the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar and how it was similar to what happened with Kofi Kingston…

“Well I mean I think the thing with Kofi is he’s not a guy who’s gonna pull you aside and lecture you but he’s someone who leads by action. That’s what I love is you know, I was just able to see the way that he handled things with his title run and the way things ended. It’s kind of — it’s interesting I’ll say, how our runs weren’t too drastically different, you know? Kind of that falling off of a cliff feeling at the hands of one Brock Lesnar and then suddenly, it feels like you woke up a year prior and you’re back to doing what you were doing before but you know, I’ll say he’s a guy who’s handled it with grace. He’s a guy who, you know, he didn’t complain or he didn’t show up to work pouting. He’s a consummate professional and he’s someone that I think, like I said, he just always leads by example.”

“There’s several things I would do differently [with his WWE Title reign] but again, like I said, my focus really is just on performing. I do the best I can. But, you know, I wish it would have lasted longer, I wish we would have had the opportunity to do some more dynamic things and you know, I don’t think it — it’s difficult to really latch on to a new champion when they have — within their first month, they have multiple losses on TV but again, we can go down this path. Look man, I [genuinely appreciate] all the people who support me and who want better for me. I also want better for myself and I guess I’ll just leave it there.” (quotes courtesy of