Belief that Jeff Hardy wants to “redeem himself” and will appear in AEW again at some point

During his podcast, Matt Hardy talked more about his brother Jeff’s potential return to AEW now that Jeff’s DUI court case has been closed

“Now that I feel like Jeff is in a good space and feels good about where he’s at in life. If he ends up coming back, I feel like there’s still a lot of positive things we can really, really do to make great contributions to the industry.”

“My gut thinks he wants to redeem himself. It’s not going to be instantaneous. Once again, we haven’t talked about stuff and he’s taking care of some physical issues that he’s been dealing with right now. So I don’t think we’ve seen Jeff appear on AEW television for the last time. I think we’ll see it again. In what capacity? I’m not sure of that right now. I can’t speak, but I do think he wants to redeem himself. I think that’s very important to him. He’s looking for redemption.” (quotes courtesy of