Becky Lynch says fans have been chanting “Colby” at Seth Rollins and not “Cody”

It was recently reported by Mike Johnson of that Cody Rhodes has signed a contract with WWE and it has been rumored that Rhodes will likely be Seth Rollins’ opponent for Wrestlemania 38.

During an interview with IB Sports, WWE RAW women’s champion Becky Lynch was asked about WWE fans chanting “Cody” at Seth Rollins during recent episodes of WWE RAW. Here is what Becky had to say…

“You’re thinking of his government name. Seth’s government name is Colby. I think because everybody feels like they know him so well, they’ve been chanting ‘Col-by, Col-by!’ I mean, he’s so good that he could have a match with himself and it would be awesome. So yeah, maybe he’ll be forced to have a match with himself, but hell, if it wasn’t on the same night that my match is, he could steal the show.” (quote courtesy of