Becky Lynch asked about Mercedes Mone reportedly being the highest paid woman in wrestling

During an interview with, WWE’s Becky Lynch was asked about reports that AEW star Mercedes Mone is now the highest paid woman in wrestling

“I think that’s an important part, getting paid equally for the equal work and the equal position we are at right now. Women’s evolutions and revolutions are fine and well, but making sure that they equate to contracts and financial reward for these things, when we are doing equal work, is hugely important.”

Becky also commented on advice she would give to her young self…

“Believe in yourself. Don’t spend as much time doubting yourself, because it’s just wasted time. And don’t worry as much. Sometimes life has its own timing. And it’s hard to figure out if the worrying in some way helps, because it makes you stay on alert, but I feel like it’s probably just wasted thoughts.”