Mercedes Mone rumored to be the highest paid woman in wrestling with her AEW contract

As seen during the March 13th 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite, Mercedes Mone made her first official appearance as a member of the AEW roster.

In regards to Mercedes’ decision to sign with AEW instead of returning to WWE, Dave Meltzer of noted that she was wanting more money than what WWE was offering. Mercedes was said to have wanted the same amount of money as Becky Lynch. According to Meltzer, AEW President Tony Khan offered Mercedes a “very substantial” amount of money although not as high as the $5 million a year figure that was floating around the internet.

Meltzer also stated the following…

“One WWE woman star noted to us that they were hearing that the number was enough to make her the highest paid woman in pro wrestling and that they were thrilled at AEW for making the offer and happy for her to have accepted it, because in the long run it means it’s a better market for the top women wrestlers, noting, ‘I think it sets a standard that woman should be paid, too. The women do great numbers and have huge social followings’ and also said that it was ‘a huge deal for women in the industry who are paid a lot less than men.'”