Bayley talks about WWE’s creative transition from Vince McMahon to Triple H

During an appearance on The Five Count podcast, Bayley talked about WWE’s creative transition from Vince McMahon to Triple H…

“It’s still so weird to me, when the news broke that he [Vince McMahon] was retiring, I was just in shock and it felt like we needed to…’do we party or sit around and sit in our feelings and feel weird?’ It was such a strange feeling. It’s still talked about backstage how different things are. Not worse or better, just super different. Fortunately, for me, I’ve worked with Triple H for years since being in NXT and we have such a great relationship and he understands what I’ve been through and where I want to go and how I view my character and things like that. In that sense, it’s been so awesome. I can see a shift, it’s kinda like a new relationship, is how everybody feels. Everybody has a little extra spunk in them because it’s different.”

“I was talking to Finn Balor backstage and Triple H just walked by and was like, ‘Hey guys, what’s up?’ We were like, ‘Isn’t this so weird? It feels like seven years ago again,’ especially with Finn because he and I were champions at the same time in NXT and Hunter was very hands-on and having him there again feels like Twilight Zone.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)