Bad Bunny could potentially be getting involved in “physicality” at WWE Wrestlemania 39

Music star Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance in the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match and it was noted at the time that he could potentially drop in to be involved anytime he’d like to do something and the schedules allow it to happen.”

Bad Bunny is scheduled to host WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico but it’s believed that he could be doing more than just that. Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following to about Bunny potentially getting physical at Wrestlemania 39 or Backlash…

“On March 14, Bad Bunny, Damian Priest and Jamie Noble went to a training facility in Los Angeles to work things out. I can’t confirm if its for WrestleMania or Backlash, but I think it’s WrestleMania. There was a training session involving the three of them. I don’t know if that means Priest is directly involved, or what physicality Bad Bunny is doing, but he’s training for physicality.”