Backstage reactions to William Regal and others from WWE NXT being released

As previously noted, WWE has reportedly let go of several Producers, coaches, and writers from the WWE NXT brand including Samoa Joe, “Road Dogg” Jesse James, and William Regal.

In an Q&A on, Mike Johnson wrote about how Triple H seemingly losing power within the company made it so he could no longer protect “the bubble he built in his vision.” Johnson wrote that he believes names such as Regal were cut so others could be hired for the same roles and be paid less.

Johnson also commented on what he heard from people regarding the cuts…

“I can tell you firsthand there were people in the company who rarely have empathy for others as they are out for themselves who were greatly shaken by what went down.”

“A lot of the long-time employees are gone and a lot of people who have migrated over are Nick Khan knights. No one I spoke to yesterday and today were happy. Many were sad. Many were frustrated. Some don’t even know how to guess what might be next.”

Dave Meltzer of noted the following…

“Talent and others in the system were very depressed, with many wondering the future of the brand.”