Backstage reactions to Bruce Prichard stepping in as WWE’s interim head of talent relations

As previously noted, John Laurinaitis has been placed on “administrative leave” as head of talent relations due to the allegations made towards himself and Vince McMahon. Bruce Prichard is stepping in as the interim head of talent relations for the time being.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of wrote the following about the backstage reactions…

“The reaction was generally negative from talent since Laurinaitis had a better relationship with most talent than Prichard. A couple of talents expressed negativity citing that Prichard is generally quiet and usually not approachable while Laurinaitis is very approachable and open to talking. One called the move ‘scary.'”

Prichard is reportedly continuing his role as head of creative but Meltzer noted that Prichard’s additional work appears to be an indication that McMahon is still “calling the shots” when it comes to running television.